Announce big news faster with a press release generator

Use an AI press release generator to create high-quality custom reports that start the buzz you want.

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Write a compelling and efficient press release with Notion AI

Press releases tell the world the latest news about your business or brand. You want to write quickly without sacrificing quality — that’s where AI comes in. Notion AI can create custom press releases in seconds that match your brand voice and drive every point home.

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Use Notion AI to:

  • Brainstorm ideas and overcome writer’s block

  • Write instant first drafts

  • Edit copy and spot mistakes

  • Generate releases on a consistent schedule

  • Create a cohesive brand identity

  • Connect press releases with other docs

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Use Notion AI to customize your press release format for every new message

  1. Create a Notion account and enable AI.

  2. Plug in the information you'll need for the press release, like the announcement, details, and dates.

  3. Give examples of your brand voice so AI can match it.

  4. Make adjustments as needed.

  5. Share with your team.

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Create professional press releases with less time and effort

Whether you’re announcing a major brand change or creating hype for a new product, Notion AI can help you find the right words.


What’s a press release?

A press release is a written statement or announcement that you share with the media. It usually details something newsworthy about your brand or business, like new products or services, new locations, or exciting initiatives. Press releases keep your customer base informed and generate interest.

How do you use a press release generator?

A press release generator takes the information you give it — details about your brand and the subject of the release — to write a custom announcement. Enlisting AI to write your first draft saves time, and it’ll only get better as you train it with new prompts.

Does Notion have press release templates?

Yes, Notion has templates for press releases, whether you're rolling out a new product line, announcing a merger, or letting your customers know about a location change. There are also templates for project management, PR tracking, and any other docs you might need for your brand.