Increase your personal productivity and make the most of your time

Use personal productivity tools to stay organized, track daily to-dos, and reach personal goals.

A screenshot of a personal productivity document built in Notion.

Foster productivity in your personal life with Notion

Productivity management helps you take control of your time, so that when you set a goal, you actually meet it. Use personal to-do lists and calendars to organize exactly where, when, and how to direct your energy, whether that’s toward your education, your personal life, or anything else.

A screenshot of a daily planner with a to-do list.

Notion’s productivity tools help you:

  • Keep track of daily tasks and progress toward your goals

  • Organize to-do lists by date and priority

  • Manage your time by the minute

  • Create different pages for different areas of your life

  • Share vision boards and inspiration with friends and family

A screenshot of a time tracker built in Notion.

How to personalize a productivity tracker in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new page, select Timeline and click New Database.

  3. Add events or tasks with due dates.

  4. Connect tasks to relevant pages.

  5. Move things around as priorities change and check tasks off when they’re complete.

  6. Collaborate with friends and family.

A video demonstrating how to use Notion for personal productivity management.

Stay focused and get more out of your day with Notion

Streamline your productivity management to track your time, plan your days, and strategize to reach your long-term goals.


What are the types of personal productivity?

Personal productivity looks different for everyone. Here’s an overview of some common productivity personas which you might identify with:

  • Prioritizer — you focus on completing tasks and checking items off your to-do list.

  • Planner — you enjoy organizing and planning tasks and goals in advance.

  • Visionary — you’re always generating new ideas and looking for ways to innovate.

  • Collaborator — you share your goals with peers and cheer each other on.

What are productivity skills?

Skills that can help you achieve great productivity include:

  • Time management

  • Goal-setting

  • Focus and concentration

  • Communication

  • Adaptability

How can I improve my productivity?

These tips can help you learn how to be more productive in life:

  • Set clear goals and prioritize tasks

  • Eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand

  • Use productivity tools and technology like Notion to streamline your process

  • Take breaks to avoid burnout

  • Continuously evaluate and adjust your habits to improve efficiency