Achieve more by organizing your personal goals in Notion

Impress yourself and improve your team’s output by setting and tracking your personal goals for work in a connected workspace.

Achieve more by organizing your personal goals in Notion

Nourish your team’s personal and professional growth mindsets

Defining personal development goals related to your work can help you feel more motivated and connected to these objectives. But setting goals isn’t enough — you need a system that holds you accountable and tracks your progress to help you achieve them.

Achieve more by organizing your personal goals in Notion

Use Notion to make your goal tracking more effective by:

  • Breaking down goals into to-do lists, milestones, and individual tasks, just like you do for project goals

  • Creating action plans based on your goals

  • Tracking your progress and making adjustments

  • Connecting your personal and professional goal-setting lists in order to see your overall progress

How to outline and track personal goals using Notion

  1. Create your new Notion teamspace.

  2. On a new page, select Table and New database.

  3. Fill out the database with your goals, assigning each one a category, status, and custom tags. 

  4. Connect each goal to tasks or to-do lists to help your progress.

  5. Invite teammates, friends, and family members to follow along.

Achieve more by organizing your personal goals in Notion

Add a professional touch to your personal goals

Just because you’re working on personal goals doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Our tools support you at every step -- at home and at work 


What are personal goal-setting benefits?

Personal goal-setting can improve your overall work performance by:

  • Incentivizing you to avoid procrastination

  • Increasing your overall job satisfaction

  • Providing new career advancement opportunities

  • Improving your skills as you work toward your goals

  • Offering better work-life balance through improved time management

Why are personal SMART goals important?

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Setting goals like these means you know precisely what’s required and that you’re capable and have the time and resources necessary to achieve them. Framing goals in this manner prevents you from wasting your time striving to achieve goals that were impossible or irrelevant to begin with.

What are three examples of personal goals?

Here are three examples: 

  • Outcome goals — these focus on reaching a particular end result in your personal or work life

  • Process goals — these hone in on your workflow or personal growth as you work toward a goal

  • Performance goals — these prioritize improving your work performance or acquiring new skills