Strategically track your personal finances to meet your budgeting goals

Manage your personal finances to plan for big purchases or unexpected events like job loss or natural disaster.

A screenshot of a personal finance plan in Notion.

Streamline your financial planning and track your progress with Notion

Financial planning helps you achieve stability and meet long-term goals by doing a better job of assessing your income and expenses to avoid overspending and debt accrual.

A screenshot of a budget planning document in Notion.

Notion isn't just for work — we support your personal life, too. Here’s how your personal connected workspace can improve your financial management:

  • Keep track of income and expenditures

  • Use our financial planning templates to monitor your budgeting, investments, and more

A screenshot of an expenses tracker in Notion.

How to keep track of expenses and earnings in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Start with a Notion personal financial plan template.

  3. Input your expenses and income.

  4. Add dates, dollar amounts, and tags for each outgoing and incoming transaction.

  5. Invite family members and friends to collaborate — and hold you accountable.

Take control of your finances with Notion

No more guesswork! Use Notion to make informed decisions about your finances and achieve your budgeting goals.


What are the five main components of personal finance?

The five main components of personal finance include:

  • Income — money earned from work or investments

  • Expenses — money spent on goods and services

  • Savings — money set aside for the future

  • Investments — assets purchased with the goal of generating income

  • Debt — money owed to creditors

What would a personal budget include?

Here are a few examples of personal budget items:

  • Financial goals

  • Your credit score 

  • Debt

  • Savings and investments

  • Risk through insurance and other financial tools

What’s the meaning of personal finance management?

Personal finance management involves the planning, budgeting, and management of your financial resources. This encompasses everything from setting financial goals to managing debt and investing for the future. Effective personal finance management can help you achieve stability and build wealth over time.