Create a meal-planning routine and never wonder what’s for dinner again

Organize your meal plan to save time, try new recipes, and tighten up your grocery bill.

Meal planning template

What meal planning is and how it saves you time and energy

At the end of most days, chances are you’re too tired to plan a five-course dinner. While your meals don’t have to be Michelin-starred, you do want something that’s tasty, filling, and good for you. Create a day-by-day menu ahead of time, so you always know what you’re making and have the ingredients you need.

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Plan your meals with Notion to:

  • Think of ideas beforehand so you’re never stumped

  • Reduce your grocery bill by cutting back on splurges and wasted food

  • Track what’s in your fridge and pantry

  • Use AI to find ideas that use the ingredients you already have

  • Save new recipes and share the ones you love

21 day healthy meal challenge

How to make a meal plan you’ll actually follow with Notion

  1. Sign into Notion or create a new account.

  2. Download a meal-planning template or start a new doc from scratch.

  3. Create a calendar for daily, weekly, and monthly planning.

  4. Fill the template with recipes and ingredients.

  5. Share with friends and family.

Ultimate meal planner template

Take the stress and confusion out of meal planning

Use Notion AI and in-depth templates to plan meals, try recipes, and share the winners with the people you love (to eat with).


What’s the best tool to plan menus?

Notion’s meal planning templates help you track what you want to eat and take the guesswork out of dinnertime. You can also create a new board and add plans according to the criteria you care about most, whether that’s reusing ingredients, eating healthy, or trying new recipes.

How can I create my own meal plan?

You can use a template or create one from scratch with Notion. Customize it to suit your meal-planning goals and include the fields you need, like any dietary restrictions you (or the people you’re eating with) may have. If you want to save money, find out what's on sale at the grocery store and develop menus based on those items.

What are the benefits of using meal-planning software?

Meal-planning software tracks and automates your meal ideas in one place, making it easier to stick with your plan. Some other meal-planning benefits include reducing food waste, saving money, and always knowing what you’ll make to limit decision fatigue.