Manage your marketing campaigns in Notion

Create a homepage for your marketing campaigns to keep your teams aligned and on track.

House all your documentation and action items in one central place

With Notion, you can create a homepage to ​​help your teammates understand the high-level strategy of your integrated marketing campaign and quickly access the relevant documents. This helps ensure everyone has visibility into all the moving pieces and knows what they’re responsible for.

how Notion launches campaigns

The power of Notion is that you don’t need to jump between different tools for your documentation and project tracker to keep up with everyone’s work. You can track all your campaign briefs across marketing channels right within your campaign homepage.

track all your campaign briefs across marketing channels

Here’s how to manage and track marketing campaigns in Notion

  1. Sign up for Notion and invite your team 

  2. Create a new page, then select Table, then hit  + New database on the right. 

  3. Hit New on the right to add a new page and start a new doc.

  4. Begin adding info to the page and customize its properties. 

  5. Or, get started in one click using our templates below.

Use Notion to manage campaign briefs across marketing channels

Create a central place for important docs and project management.


What makes up an integrated marketing campaign?

An integrated marketing campaign often requires coordinating with different teams who manage various marketing channels. It’s important for everyone to have easy access to important information like stakeholders, meetings, and docs,  as well as clearly understand objectives, success metrics, audience and messaging.

What are the key elements to consider when creating a campaign brief?

Campaign briefs help you define your objectives, scope, marketing channels, budget, audience, strategy, tactics, and metrics.

What are best practices for getting team alignment early on in the scoping process?

Scheduling kickoff calls with each of your channel teams is encouraged before you fully scope your campaign to make sure you understand all the different team needs. You can make those meeting notes easily available to everyone by creating a shared database. Learn more here.