Keep track of your IT inventory with Notion

Manage information technology (IT) assets like laptops, mobile devices, and software in a centralized workspace.

How IT inventory management software improves workflows

IT inventory management makes it easy to track, assess, and allocate resources. When you track your inventory in a connected workspace like Notion, you’re supported throughout any given asset’s lifecycle, from submitting purchase orders to procurement to depreciation.

Screenshot of an engineering table.

Use Notion to:

  • Connect your IT inventory with the rest of your project management tools and enjoy a complete overview of your resource allocation workflow

  • Improve IT security by storing all relevant information in one central hub

  • Reduce IT overhead by eliminating the need for separate tools to manage assets

Screenshot of a report list generated with an IT inventory for asset tracking and management.

How to build your IT inventory with Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Create a new page in your workspace, select Table as the page type, and click New database.

  3. Populate the table with IT assets, including their type, end user, and bar-code numbers. Include the asset’s status, like in use or on hold, and relevant dates for better lifecycle management.

  4. Invite your teammates to collaborate.

Integrate your IT asset inventory with project workflows

Keep your project running smoothly by viewing and managing all the available IT resources in real time.


What’s an IT asset inventory checklist?

An IT asset inventory checklist is a shareable, editable document that empowers your IT department to:

  • Keep tabs on software and hardware assets

  • Allocate resources and procure more items

  • Determine vulnerabilities and recall assets in an orderly fashion

  • Generate inventory reports and perform inventory tracking

What are the four types of inventory?

The four main types of IT inventory are:

  • Hardware inventory, like laptops, printers, and mobile devices

  • Software inventory, like applications, operating systems, and software licenses

  • Network inventory, like routers

  • Cloud inventory, like storage, infrastructure, and other cloud-based services

How do you start IT inventory management?

You can use Notion as a free IT asset management software by building an IT resource workspace, or create your own spreadsheet from scratch. Use either option to track assets and their statuses and decide when to procure more items or retire current ones.