Enjoy headache-free issue tracking in Notion

Track issues and make ongoing adjustments to sprints and project plans with our connected workspace.

A screenshot of a Notion issue tracker.

How streamlined issue tracking speeds up workflows

Issue tracking and ticketing systems automate task generation so you can streamline your customer support and project management workflows.

Identify, keep tabs on, and respond to bugs, critical issues, and customer service inquiries as part of your normal workflow.

A screenshot of a Notion issue tracking database with a specific issue open in a side peek.

In Notion, you can:

  • Track issues / tasks / bugs in one place where all teams can collaborate

  • Customize all fields to know who owns a task, when it's due, and more

  • Connect context docs to tasks like PRDs and scope documents

  • Create views to surface types of tasks or tasks owned by different teams

How you can track issues more efficiently using Notion

  1. Create a Notion account. 

  2. Create a new page to hold your issues. Select Table and click on database. Or, start from an issue tracking template.

  3. Add a page for each issue that lists an assignee, due date, status, and category.

  4. Invite your teammates to collaborate.

Connect your issue tracking to other project management tools

Experience seamless integrations with project and product roadmaps in one connected workspace.


What’s the difference between bug tracking and issue tracking?

Bug tracking identifies and resolves software bugs for development teams. Issue tracking does this and more -- it also includes key features for tracking tasks, requests for product development, and customer support inquiries.

What are the three types of tracking?

The three main types of tracking include:

  • Project tracking — monitor and manage your project’s progress, including tasks, timelines, and milestones

  • Bug or issue tracking — identify and resolve issues related to the software development process or product delivery

  • Performance tracking — measure and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) like sales figures, customer satisfaction, and website traffic

What do issue tracking software do?

Any platform that does the following is an issue tracking software: 

  • Raises tickets or creates tasks based on issues

  • Assigns issue-related tasks to team members

  • Visualizes issue-related tasks as part of a larger project plan for task management

  • Tracks progress toward issue resolution

  • Reports on issue metrics