Centralize your workflow with connected checklists

Amid complex projects, checklists are your first line of defense to stop critical tasks from slipping through the cracks.

Centralize your workflow with connected checklists

How organized checklists help you set priorities and manage to-dos

Checklists are powerful task management tools. They show what you’ve done and what you haven’t, and help you get things done on time.

Notion takes checklists a step further. You can link to-do lists to docs, assign tasks, and categorize checklists according to what works for you.

Centralize your workflow with connected checklists

With a Notion checklist, you can:

  • Add internal and external details for each checklist item

  • Assign a team member to every task

  • Set start dates and due dates

  • Visualize checklist tasks on a product roadmap, timeline, or Kanban board

  • Adjust properties whenever you need to

How can I use Notion to build a connected checklist?

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new or existing page, type /to-do list.

  3. Add tasks and organize them by category or priority.

  4. Tag team members in different tasks by typing @ and their name.

  5. Link relevant pages with /page or /link to page.

Centralize your workflow with connected checklists

Ace project management with intuitive Notion checklists

Put to-do lists in a connected workspace so you don’t miss a beat, and use our templates for checklists to save time.


How can I create a checklist?

In Notion, start from a new page and type /to-do list to add a custom checklist. Add task details and assign responsible team members to get everyone looped in.

Or use one of our pre-made checklist templates and hit the ground running.

What are some examples of checklists?

You can use daily checklists, in-depth project checklists, and everything in between to organize your life. Here are some examples:

  • Shopping lists

  • Party prep tasks

  • Wedding checklists

  • Product wishlists

  • Work project breakdowns

  • Product launch to-dos

What should a checklist include?

A checklist in its simplest form is a list of things you need to do, along with boxes you can tick when you’ve completed them. But a checklist can have more elements that will help you stay organized. A good checklist might include:

  • Task names and descriptions

  • Due dates

  • Assigned people or teams

  • Task statuses

  • Additional notes or comments