Streamline your workflow with an AI email copy generator

Use AI to automate writing personal or campaign emails to save time and prioritize other urgent, high-level tasks.

Hit send on professional, custom emails generated by Notion AI

AI email copy generators produce emails that sound like they were written by a human copywriter. You can use an AI email writer like Notion AI to speed up the drafting process and free your team to work on other tasks.

A screenshot of selected keywords and an open Notion AI prompt for writing a sales email.

Notion AI’s auto email generator helps you:

  • Create emails based on specific keywords and phrases

  • Effortlessly deliver on-brand emails

  • Reach your target audience through data-informed copy

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How to create email copy with Notion AI

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new page, type in keywords or phrases.

  3. Select your text and click Ask AI.

  4. Type email and select a type. Fill in the prompt with the following: based on these keywords.

  5. Invite teammates to collaborate on your email.

How to create email copy with Notion AI

Make your email campaigns a breeze

Harness Notion AI to create on-brand, targeted email copy for your sales outreach, recruitment, and marketing campaigns.

Make your email campaigns a breeze

What prompts should I use to generate email copy?

You can use a variety of prompts to help Notion AI kickstart your email writing process. Tap the spacebar to pull up Notion AI. Then type one of the following:

  • Sales email

  • Recruiting email

Then you’ll see either Write a sales email about or Write a recruiting email about. Complete the prompt with instructions for Notion AI, like the selected keywords. Or, supply a specific scenario.

How do I make an email sound professional with an AI email generator?

The best email generators can produce professional-sounding, on-brand email copy with the touch of a button. But if you feel as though the first draft isn’t quite right, you can ask an AI writer like Notion AI to try again, or just take that draft as a starting point and polish it with your team.