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I built this template for myself to keep track of my ideal wellness routine—and to remind myself of all the self-care activities that make me feel great! 🧖🏼‍♀️ Use this colorful, visual template to create the ideal health, fitness, and wellness routine for yourself. Drag and drop activities from one weekday to another to arrange your schedule. You might not do the same activities every week, so use the “Other activities” column to save ideas for next time—and write your own! 🏸 🥊 ⛷️ This can also be your space to journal or practice mindfulness exercises like gratitude reflections (two additional templates included for personal journaling and daily gratitude journaling). 🦋 You can embed your own playlists, photos, or videos—whatever will help you get into a mindful state. Customize it, add widgets to your phone screen, and start living your best life. ✨

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