Weekly Reflection

My collection of questions to help you get started with your weekly reflection practice
About this template

Why is a weekly reflection important?

- Closes the open loops that are stressing me out
- Organizes my digital workspaces to clarify my thinking
- Allows me to reflect on important moments in the past week
- Sets clear intentions and priorities for the upcoming week

This reflection template includes a collection of prompts that I use myself weekly to get you started with your own habit. In includes questions in these areas:

👍 Good: What went well

👎 Bad: What didn't go so well

🧠 Learnings: What could I learn from them

⛰️ Blockers: What is impeding progress

1️⃣ Priority: What are the most important things I should be focusing on

💪 Habits: Am I staying consistent with my routines, rituals and habits

🙏 Gratitude: Grounding work

🤝 Upcoming: Plan for what is coming up

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