Weekly Hifdh & Revision Planner

As salam alaykoum ! Here is a weekly planner to organize your Memorization & Revision of the Holy Quran journey.
About this template

The planner is a database containing your memorization and revision tasks.

→How does it works ?

- Specify the Ayat you need to memorize or revise for each days of the week by filling the « Verses Track » column
- It needs to fit the format : “first ayah - last ayah”

- Specify the "N° Surah" for each "Verses Track"
→ You will get automatically a link to the corresponding track in the Quran that you need to memorize or revise (”Link to the Quran Track” column)

- Select the Due Date corresponding to the day of the week you need to finish the tasks
→ this is needed to see your daily tasks in “Today’s program” view

- Share it with you friends to get more hassanat ^^

Jazaakoum Allah khairan 🤍

Don't hesitate to provide feedback to improve it.

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