Wedding planning

An easy-to-use template to guide you through planning your wedding! Just add your data, I've hooked up all the databases using Notion magic! The most in-depth vendor interview/decision tracker I've seen, along with an impressive budget tracker and everything else you need.
About this template

This Notion template is meant to help engaged couples through the wedding planning process and make it a bit less chaotic!

I created this dashboard to plan my own wedding and it was so helpful to me. After all the work I put into it, I thought it would be a waste to just let it disappear once I was done with it so I’m sharing it with anyone who’s interested now.

I've included some sample data / instructions throughout the dashboard to walk you through using it. Once you feel like you understand, delete the samples and put your own information in. It'll be in your own copy so no one will see it but you.

Some key pieces of the dashboard:
- A to do list with magic to make the tasks show up only when they're actually relevant
- A vendor search dashboard, making it easy to compare different vendors in each category, and keep track of communicating with multiple at a time
- A budget tracker to estimate your budget and track how it compares to reality, tracking upcoming payments and their statuses along the way
- A guest count estimator to make an educated guess of around how many people you expect to come, customized to your own guest list
- A thank you tracker so you and your partner can split up the task and track progress together

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