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I used to struggle with creating a realistic case study for my portfolio. The examples online and from bootcamps seemed out of touch with my real work experience in software houses and as an in-house designer. They talked about many steps in the design process that I never really went through. For example, I've only created one persona in all my years of working on real products. Usually, we designers work on parts of a project, not the whole thing from start to end. So, I made this template to focus on real problems and solutions from my UX designer journey. It helps show your value in the projects you've worked on. This way, recruiters can easily see what you did to make things better. My approach is simple: introduce the client and project, share your research, talk about the features you worked on with the problem and solution, and wrap up your case study. This template is all about showing your real contribution without getting lost in fancy process terms.

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