Ultimate Salesforce Learning System

A Notion template that helps you organize your Salesforce notes by using the Cornell system, allows you to create flashcards for spaced repetition and on top of that provides a lot of additional useful Salesforce materials.
About this template

This system helped me learn Salesforce more efficiently, reach my Ranger status on Trailhead, and prepare for Salesforce exams.

☁️ Learning Salesforce section will help you:

🗒️ Create and store all of your Salesforce-related notes by utilizing one of the most efficient Cornell note-taking system

🃏 Study key concepts with powerful Flashcards, which automatically create a spaced repetition schedule for you based on how well you remember and understand them.

💡 In the Useful Salesforce Resources section, you will find hand-picked resources such as:

🎒 The best additional Salesforce courses

💯 Practice tests

💼 A system to track your job applications and tips to get hired

💻 The list of the best Salesforce AppExchange apps and Google Chrome Extensions

🤖 The list of other amazing software products to make you more efficient in Salesforce

🤩 And much more!

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