Time-Tracker using Database Buttons

A Notion time-tracking template to easily record and track the time you spend on tasks. 

Start and stop recording with database buttons, and see the total time calculated for each task and project.
About this template

Time Tracking in Notion
Track the time you spend on tasks and projects with this simple Notion template. For freelancers, students, and professionals, this tool helps you record and manage the time you spend on various activities.

- Easy Time Recording: Start and stop your time recording against tasks with a single click using intuitive database buttons.
- Project Overview: Get a breakdown of the total time spent on each project, helping you manage your workload effectively.
- User-Friendly: Simple to set up and easy to use.

Who Is It For?
- Freelancers: Track time spent on client projects to ensure accurate billing.
- Students: Monitor study hours to manage time effectively and achieve academic goals.
- Professionals: Record time spent on various tasks to improve productivity and work-life balance.
- Creators: Track your daily activities to help maintain focus.

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