Therapy Log Book and Self Care

Features: Therapy Appointments + Learnings | Mood Tracker | Medication Tracker | Personal Care Goals: Physical, Mental, Skin, Relationships, Dopamine, Gut | Self Care Questionnaire | Vent Corner
About this template

The therapy log book and self-care tracker notion template is designed to help you navigate and nurture your mental health with grace and intention.

Therapy Appointments + Learnings: Track your therapy appointments and document key learnings, reflections, and breakthroughs

Mood Tracker: Monitor your daily moods, identify patterns, and foster a deeper understanding of your emotional landscape

Medication Tracker: Keep track of dosages, and schedules, ensuring a smooth and organized approach to your mental health regimen

Personal Care Goals: Nourish your holistic well-being with a focus on physical, mental, skin, relationship, dopamine, and gut health.

Self Care Questionnaire: Thoughtfully designed prompts guide you through introspective exercises, empowering you to prioritize self-care practices that resonate with your unique needs.

Vent Corner: Create a safe space for expression with the Vent Corner.

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