The ultimate life planner

About this template

This will be the only personal Notion dashboard you’ll ever need!

Get ready to become the best version of yourself.

You will be able to align your life, personal goals, habits, career, and self-development goals with these beautifully designed templates.

Who is this for?

You want to make sure that your daily behavior reflects your actual, honest self.

You want to give time to yourself and have faith that you can act consistently.

As you accomplish your goals, you want to maintain organization.

Main Features

Daily & Weekly Task Manager: Use these dashboard to optimize your time and have everything on track.

Goal Tracker: Track your financial, health, career and Personal goals to stay up to date.

Habit Tracker: Dashboard which you can customize easily and track your habits.

Journal Templates: A well-curated journal where you can record your thoughts and can organize it according to date.

Travel Planner: Plan and budget all of your upcoming travel in one location. Make a schedule, gather all your papers, and see your packing list. Additionally, make a list of your prospective travel plans and use a widget map to graphically trace your prior visits.

Recipe/Meal Prep Planner: Build a database of your favorite meals and recipes you’d like to try, and keep track of your weekly meal prep routine.

Shopping List Template: Here you can record your shopping items, price, and on the basis of need.

Watchlist: Organise shows that you have watched and will watch in the upcoming days.

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