Teacher Planner

A simple and intuitive system for teachers who want to fully organize the learning process with their students in one place.
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The built-in calendar on the main page allows for quick lesson planning and visually displays the teacher's schedule.

Lessons - a flexible system that allows for complete organization of the lesson space: use tables, embed videos in the lesson, organize work through an integrated link to Miro boards, and include Zoom conferences within the lesson.

The Students section provides a visual representation of student information, contact details, assignments for each individual student, and homework tracking.

The Classrooms section is a template for classes and groups. Easily manage classrooms, add students, and assign homework for the entire class.

The Notes & Homework section is for additional materials and assignments. Simply create a new page or send a previously prepared lesson to one or multiple students.

Create specialized lessons or entire courses for specific tasks, processes, or students, and use them in future work to save time and effort.

Teacher Planner is not just a lesson and homework planner, but also a simple financial tracking system for students and classes.

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