Strategic Communication Planner

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- Your tasks in one place.
- A simple click to generate a PR, event, or video plan including related tasks and schedules.
- Ready-to-implement ***six projects*** to let you hit the ground running and communicate effectively with your stakeholders.
- A ***Dashboard*** of all tasks and activities for a ***Communication Person*** to effectively and strategically engage the institution or company’s stakeholders.
- Complete analysis of your organization or institution's ***Stakeholders*** and automatic categorization of the ***Audience*** based on the level of influence and potential interest and potential impact on your organization's activities.
- ***Recurring Tasks*,** so you can create engagement tasks that need to be done repeatedly on a schedule. As a result, the Strategic Communication & Engagement Template will be your partner to constantly and effortlessly remind you if you need to accomplish a given task daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. For example, you can set that you will send updates to the donors each last Friday of the month, and a reminder will always be created on the specific date of the month.
- Based on audience categories and potential impact on your organization's activities, includes ***Ready-to-be-used six projects*** to effectively engage your stakeholders.
- View ***Specific Tasks*** for a particular project to monitor the progress of the project you are implementing.
- Customizable two default template planers for an event, a campaign, or a video

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