RentFlow: Property Management OS for Landlords

RentFlow: Simplify property management for landlords. Track properties, tenants, payments, maintenance, and documents in one organized workspace. Take control of your real estate portfolio effortlessly.
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RentFlow is a comprehensive property management template designed to simplify the landlord experience. With RentFlow, landlords can efficiently track and manage all aspects of their rental properties in one organized workspace.

The template includes dedicated databases for properties, tenants, payments, maintenance requests, and document storage. Landlords can easily input and update property details such as addresses, types, and status in the Properties Database.

The Tenants Database allows landlords to keep track of tenant information, lease agreements, contact details, and lease durations, ensuring smooth communication and management of rental agreements.RentFlow's Payments Tracking feature enables landlords to monitor rent payments, maintenance fees, and other financial transactions.

Landlords can log payment dates, amounts, methods, and track payment statuses for each property and tenant, ensuring timely collection of payments and accurate financial records.The Maintenance Requests feature streamlines the process of managing maintenance and repair requests. Landlords can easily log maintenance issues, assign tasks to contractors, track progress, and ensure timely resolution of property maintenance issues, enhancing tenant satisfaction and property upkeep.

RentFlow also provides a document storage system, allowing landlords to store and manage important documents such as lease agreements, inspection reports, and tenant communication records. With RentFlow, landlords can access critical documents quickly and efficiently, ensuring compliance with regulations and seamless record-keeping.

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