(1445 AH) 2024 Ramadan

Welcome to the Ramadan Journal! This board is designed to help you stay focused and motivated throughout the holy month of Ramadan. With resources ranging from daily planners to a Qur'an log, this board has everything you need to make the most out of your spiritual journey.
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The board is design to help you is organize tasks and goals for the month of Ramadan. and also keep track of your Ramadan activities, Like your quran recitation, Your goals and all your memorable activities during Ramadan.

For Each Section:
Pre Ramadan: includes a reflection on the previous Ramadan and goal setting for the upcoming one. It also contains a list of important Dua'as (prayers) to memorize and recite at specific times During Ramadan and after Ramadan

Tracker: The contain tools for time management, spiritual reflection, and leisure activities. It includes a section dedicated to a quoted Hadith for spiritual insight, a to-do list for daily tasks, a book list for reading targets, a section for recording Ramadan memories, a Spotify widget for music or podcasts, and a countdown widget.

Ramadan Planner: It includes sections for tasks due today and tasks with missed deadlines. It also emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals for spiritual growth and personal development during the holy month of Ramadan. Additionally, it provides a space for you to list out tasks that are tailored towards helping you achieve your goal.

Quran Journal: This page is a guide or journal for comprehending and completing the Quran during Ramadan. It provides various strategies for dividing and reading the Quran, which can be adjusted based on whether one aims to complete it one, two, or three times during the holy month. It also includes a Spotify link to facilitate the recitation and understanding of the Quran. The page aims to assist individuals in finding spiritual solace and fulfillment through the recitation of the Quran.

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