Project Tracker & Client Portal

Streamline your client interactions, efficiently manage projects, and deliver exceptional results. Experience enhanced organization, collaboration, and client satisfaction as you optimize your project management processes.
About this template

Key Features:

📅 Meetings Tracker: Keep track of client meetings, including dates, attendees, agenda, and action items. Ensure smooth communication and alignment with clients throughout the project lifecycle.

📊 Project Tracker: Maintain a centralized project tracker to monitor the progress, tasks, and milestones of each project. Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and track the completion of project deliverables.

📝 Project Proposal Maker: Create professional and compelling project proposals using the dedicated section. Include project objectives, scope, timeline, and cost estimates to present a comprehensive proposal to clients.
💵 Invoice Maker and Database: Generate customized invoices for your clients within the template. Track invoice details, payment status, and due dates to stay on top of your financials. Maintain an organized invoice database for easy reference.

🔍 Competitor Database: Maintain a database of your clients' competitors, including key information such as company name, industry, strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. Use this data to provide valuable insights and strategic recommendations.

🔒 Password Manager: Safely store and manage client login credentials, sensitive information, and project-specific passwords in a secure password manager section. Ensure easy access while maintaining data security.


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