Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is a decision-making and prioritization tool.
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Priority Matrix is a useful decision-making tool. Its purpose is to help you or your team organize ideas and prioritize them using two dimensions: impact and effort (or cost).

Use this Notion template to complete the prioritization. List all of the ideas you would like to discuss on the left side. Then go through each of them and place it in one of the four areas, according to impact and effort.

After brainstorming design ideas, often what we get is a flow of unstructured feature suggestions, design proposals, and improvement options. Using a priority matrix together as a team you can discuss the value of each idea and what it takes to implement it (in terms of either effort or cost). After going through each idea and discussing the two dimensions, you will end up with a much clearer view of the next steps in the design process and will know where to focus your design efforts.

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