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Elevate Your Plant Parenthood Journey
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Organize your plants effortlessly, tracking details like state, watering needs, sunlight preferences, toxicity to pets, purchase dates, and more. Enjoy up to 4 unique views for a tailored experience.

🌱 Automatic Age Calculation: Watch your garden grow with the template's auto age feature, showcasing your oldest plant in real-time on a dynamic scoreboard.

πŸ’§ Smart Watering Reminders: Never miss a watering session again! Our template calculates watering schedules based on each plant's unique needs and the date of the last watering.

🍎 Log your fertilizing days, ensuring your plants thrive with a consistent and well-tracked nutritional boost.

🌱 Propagation Made Easy: Keep tabs on your cuttings with a dedicated section for tracking propagation details – from the state of each cutting to the conditions used for propagation.

🌿 Wishlist Functionality: Plan your botanical dreams! Maintain a wishlist of plants you desire, turning aspirations into an organized reality.

🏠 Room-by-Room Plant Management: Easily manage your plant kingdom by assigning each to a specific room in your house. Know exactly where every plant thrives!

Key benefits:

βœ… Real-time Scoreboard showing your oldest plant

βœ… Smart watering reminders

βœ… Effortlessly register your watering, fertilizing and repotting days

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