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“Planner for exam preparation” is a tool designed to keep studying and not to fall behind during exams season, as well as stay motivated and contribute in own progress and supervise all projects and activities step by step.
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You are in an exam session and already feel stressed and anxious or afraid not to keep up? Well, then this digital planner is right for you. This is a digital planner developed for users of Notion platform and the main goal of this product is to help you to stay organised and feel less pressure during your exam sessions.

The planner is composed of few sections:

— exam preparation log board: you can insert everything that you have done during your study session. Keeping a track all of your little steps will motivate you to continue.

— to do list: here you can indicate immediate tasks or reminders that you have to complete.

— deadlines tracking: it will help you to keep track of everything and prioritize projects.

— overall exam results board: here you can insert all your upcoming assignments or exams and see general results of your studying.

— study playlist: represents relaxing music that you can enjoy while studying.

— ways to relax and remind yourself that you are human being (green room space :), space where you can recharge yourself a bit)

— study strategies list (customisable): contains few studying tips and strategies, you can amplify it of course.

— week schedule

— kitty (pomodoro) timer: it is customizable and really cute.

— calendar: to keep a precise track.

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