One-Page Business Plan For Investors

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Doing a business plan will refine your idea. The process will flag up unseen risks, but also new opportunities. A well thought out business plan will move your idea forward. It’ll give you a concrete set of steps to go from "I should" to "I did"

This is a 1-page template to create a concise yet powerful business plan for startups.

Whether you're crystallising your own business model or pitching to investors, this one-pager format enables you to communicate your venture efficiently and effectively. The intuitive structure and helpful prompts make the business planning process simple and fast.

Define your vision, market, revenue model, and growth strategy in a beautifully designed, easy-to-use format. This template guides you through crafting:

- A compelling business overview and goals
- A clear product description
- Insights from your market analysis
- Your revenue streams and financial projections
- Your go-to-market plan covering marketing, sales, and distribution

With this professional template, you can stop agonising over long-form business plans and start bringing your entrepreneurial vision to life!

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