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What is interstitial journaling

Interstitial Journaling is a productivity method that involves taking brief notes on the work you're doing and your thoughts throughout the day. It's called "interstitial" because you're journaling in the "interstices" or gaps between your other tasks.

This practice can help you keep track of your progress, improve focus, and provide insights into your work habits. By jotting down what you're working on and how you're feeling, you create a record that you can refer back to. This can help you identify patterns, solve problems, and make more effective use of your time.

The beauty of Interstitial Journaling is that it doesn't require a big time commitment. You can do it during the natural breaks in your day, like after finishing a task, before starting a new one, or when you're waiting for a meeting to start. It's a flexible tool that you can adapt to suit your needs and schedule.

- How to use this template
- To get a timestamp simply type “@now” after that write about everything you have done so far or what you want to get done.
- To get a checklist item, you can type “/ ” and choose “to do list” from the drop down menu.
- Revisit your jounaling daily / weekly or monthly or whatever works for you and transfer all open to-do items over. Make also notes on your observations about your journaling.

- This template is compatible with Notion only and no other platforms

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