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The Notion Medication Tracker is a clutter-free organizer that keeps a track of your pills, medical tests, prescriptions, health insurance and much more!
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Medical History, Annual Check-up Calendar, Prescriptions, Health Insurance Checklist, Medication Overview, Medical Tests/ Surgeries Overview, Medication Schedule, Check-up Calendar

My Medical History

Keep your entire medical history in one place, from diagnoses to surgeries, allergies to family medical history. It's your complete health story at your fingertips.

Annual Check-up Calendar

Stay on top of your health by scheduling and tracking your annual check-ups. Never miss an important appointment again with our easy-to-use calendar feature.


Easily document all your prescriptions, including the medication name, your doctor's details, dosage information, duration, and timing. Stay informed about the cost and whether your health insurance covers your medication.

Health Insurance Checklist

Don't let your insurance coverage catch you by surprise. Keep a checklist of your health insurance details, ensuring you're always in the know about what's covered and what's not.

Medication Overview

Get a complete picture of your medications with a detailed overview that includes the medication name, your doctor's name, doses, duration, timings, price, and health insurance coverage. It's the ultimate medication at-a-glance resource.

Medical Tests/ Surgeries Overview

Keep track of your medical tests with the same level of detail. Record the test name, your doctor's name, dates, price, and health insurance coverage. Stay informed about your health screenings and their costs.

Medication Schedule

No more confusion about when to take your medications. Our Medication Schedule includes a mini calendar that displays your current doses, helping you stick to your prescribed regimen effortlessly.

Check-up Calendar

Stay ahead of your health by always knowing when your next check-up is due. The Check-up Calendar ensures that you're prepared for your upcoming appointments.

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