Master Backoffice

Built with a systemic view, the Master Backoffice includes task management modules, projects, customers, leads/negotiations, calendar, and finance.
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The Master Backoffice is a comprehensive tool designed for freelancers and businesses to streamline and enhance productivity across both professional and personal spheres. It integrates task management, project oversight, customer and lead tracking, calendar appointments, and financials into a single, didactic, and customizable platform. Features include a dynamic summary with controls, daily reminders, alerts for idle negotiations and overdue tasks, and a current month financial balance. It offers a project overview, detailed task planning for up to 30 days, a fully integrated calendar similar to Google Calendar, lead and negotiation management, and a financial manager for tracking income and expenses. Created by an experienced advertiser and entrepreneur, this template replaces the need for multiple apps by consolidating organization and productivity tools into one. It includes tutorials, databases for tasks, customers, projects, negotiations/leads, and finances, plus planning tools for weeks and months, aiming to replace Google Calendar with an all-in-one solution on Notion.

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