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Optimize your Notion template publishing process
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The Marketplace Tracker tackles the pain of managing and tracking template submissions across multiple marketplaces, providing creators with a simple and streamlined solution.

What's included?
This product offers a simple tracking experience with features like:

Centralized Tracking: Keep all your templates organized in one place.
Approval Status: Monitor the approval process for each marketplace.
Marketplaces Listing: Top 15 marketplaces where you can submit your templates.
100% Customizable: Add custom properties, create personalized views, and adapt the tracker to suit your workflow.
Easily organize and visualize your templates in one central place. Maintain an up-to-date record of your uploads, approval dates, and product URLs. No more wasting time searching for scattered information!

Who is this product for?
✔ Notion template creators who want to track their templates' performance across multiple marketplaces.

✔ Digital product sellers who need a centralized tool to monitor their product listings and approval status.

✔ Anyone (online course creators, sellers on various marketplaces, content creators, and solopreneurs) looking to manage and organize their marketplace submissions efficiently.

Specifically designed for Notion template creators, but can be adapted for various types of products and different online marketplaces.

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