LITE - WWE 2K24 Universe Mode Tracker

Because the game does not keep a record of your Universe matches, many players use spreadsheets or notebooks to archive match results, track statistics, and write promo segments or story lines.
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- Template is setup exactly like the default 2K24 Universe, including Shows, Divisions, and Calendar for out-of-the-box play.

- Fully customizable: Add custom shows, CAWs, match types and more. Easily edit tag team affiliations, move superstars between shows and divisions, etc.

- Automatically tracks Win-Loss-Draw records for Singles, Tag, Trios, and 4-on-4 matches.

- Easily search and filter match history for previous results, match-ups between rivals, etc.


- NEW AUTOMATIONS - Instantly generate Tournaments, Gauntlets, and special PLE match types at the click of a single button

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