Life dashboard for freelance artists

A habit tracker to manage yourself with a summary and a dynamic graph to keep motivated. 
To do lists for Daily, Weekly, Monthly to do.
Project Database with state, due dates, files and weblinks as also progress bars for subitems.
About this template

A daily repeating tracker for daily habits checking.
Included is a progress bar (which needs to set to the necessary amount of items you want to track) and a mood tracker.
The daily progress will be summed up from the habits, and (setup link for the chart integrated) shown in a graphical chart.
This should help gamify and motivate to keep up checking the habits as done.

A small to do list sections for noting necessary to dos in part of: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

A small to do section for the project(s) you have, if necessary just duplicate.

A project database with subitems.
Within this database there are Subitems with Status, a due date for your own prioritization, links to media folders or files, descriptions and the progress bar.
The progress is accounted over subitems with status done. (CHANGE THE FORMULA TO CHECK THE STATUS TO YOUR LANGUAGE! - CHECK COMMENT). The column needing to be edited is "Progress", change the part of "Erledigt" (as I am using german notion) to "Done" for english speaking or other localized languages.

As above, if necessary duplicate the whole block and rename for seperate projects.

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