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Your personal trainer in one tool!
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The Notion Life Coach is your key to unlocking success, replacing the need for specialists by becoming your personal life, career, and business trainer. This comprehensive planner is packed with the best proven life coaching techniques and tools.

What’s inside:
✔️ Life Wheel: A tool to properly evaluate all aspects of your life. It will help you clearly see what needs improvement.
✔️ Personal Growth Section: This section helps you set SMART goals, track your achievements, track your education, overcome procrastination and bad habits.
✔️ Career and Business Section: Use this section to learn how to easily generate creative ideas, quickly find problem-solving strategies, develop leadership skills, work on public speaking, plan your career, build your portfolio, and much more.
✔️ Finance Section: Take control of your budget with a toolkit. Whether it's taxes, insurance, or other financial obligations, you'll never forget to pay. Manage your budget without worrying you'll miss something.
✔️ Health and Fitness Section: Get a fitness tracker and effective tools to help you deal with stress and anxiety.
✔️ Leisure Section: Plan your hobbies and free time.
✔️ Relationships Section: A planner to help you develop healthy relationships with your loved ones.
✔️ Social Skills Section: A section for organizing and maintaining important contacts.

+ A Video Tutorial and 4 BONUSES:
✔️ Portfolio Example.
✔️ Career Roadmap Example
✔️ Debt Reduction Strategies.
✔️ Investment and Retirement Planning.

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