Job Application Tracker

Job Tracker Template for Notion: Stay organized and focused during your job search with this comprehensive tracker template.
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Looking for a tool to store, track, and analyze all your job applications while searching for a new job? Our Template will help you organize the process and save all the details!

What you can do with the Template:

- Keep a list of target companies and track key details such as Glassdoor ratings, office locations, LinkedIn profile URLs, and the company's job web pages.

- Maintain a centralized list of job opportunities, complete with priority rankings, hiring city, hiring manager details, and vacancy descriptions. Easily track your interactions and notes with potential employers in the comments section.

- Efficiently rank and group companies and vacancies based on various parameters to prioritize your applications effectively.

- Track opportunities by stage on your Kanban board as you interact with companies and easily move them forward.

- Schedule, track, and manage your upcoming interviews using specially tuned calendar views. Keep tabs on interview dates, times (including time zones), associated opportunities, and even the preferred VoIP apps for communication.

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