Ideation Board & Library For Graphic Designer

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What’s inside this template? ✅ Brainstorms Ideas & Concepts: Crucial for generating ideas & concept. It allows the designers note down their initial thoughts ✅ Sketches: A space for rough sketches and initial design concepts. This helps the designer visualize ideas before refining them. ✅ Mood Board Library: A library of mood boards, you can create and save to establish the visual direction by compiling images, colors, and textures that evoke the desired mood or style. ✅ Color Palettes Library: A library of color, you can create and save color palettes that align with the project's theme or client's preferences. ✅ Typography Library: A library of typography, you can create and save font choices and pairings, ensuring consistency in typography across the project. ✅ Images Library: A library of images, you can create and save graphics, and visual assets for reference and inspiration. ✅ Includes Tutorial Videos!

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