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FEATURES: Ease of Use: Just as easy as jotting down your ideas on a physical napkin, but with the power of digital organization. Dynamic Categorization: Categorize your ideas based on technology, potential impact, or any parameter you choose. Your ideas, your rules! Collaborative Environment: Share your napkin with your team, get feedback, and watch your ideas evolve. Visual Appeal: A clean, intuitive interface that makes ideation a visual delight. BENEFITS: Never Lose an Idea: Every idea, no matter how small, is a potential game-changer. Keep them all organized and accessible. Foster Innovation: Create a culture of continuous innovation with a centralized hub for all creative thoughts. Engage Your Team: Idea Napkins is a collaborative haven where teams can engage, interact, and build on each other's creativity. WHO IS IT FOR? Innovators: For those who dream big and need a space to collect those dreams. Teams: Collaborate, ideate, and innovate together. Anyone with Ideas: If you have ideas, Idea Napkins is where they belong.

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