From Brainstorm to Idea Evaluation

Your Idea Journey: From Brainstorming to Evaluation
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Elevate Your Creativity: Unleash Innovation with Our Notion Template!

🧠 Guided Creativity Sessions: Navigate brainstorming effortlessly with our expertly crafted templates. Feel empowered as you register proposals, vote, and evaluate ideas—all within a seamless, guided experience.

💡 Idea Database & Centralized Dashboard: Bid farewell to scattered ideas. Our centralized database and intuitive dashboard keep your ideas organized and accessible, empowering you to track progress and drive innovation effectively.

🌟 Innovation Sweet Point Evaluation: Say hello to informed decision-making. Our template integrates the groundbreaking "Innovation Sweet Point" method, automatically calculating impact to ensure your ideas align with your goals.

🎨 Dynamic Whiteboard for Creative Expression: Let creativity flourish with our dynamic whiteboard feature. Capture, visualize, and connect ideas in real-time, fostering collaboration and sparking innovation.

📊 Automatic Priority Matrix: Efficiency meets effectiveness with our automatic priority matrix. Seamlessly prioritize ideas based on their impact and effort required, ensuring you focus on what matters most.

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