E-Commerce Customer Management Template

Running an e-commerce store solo? This Notion template was crafted for e-commerce store owners who love having everything organized and easily accessible.
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Running an e-commerce store solo? Simplify your day-to-day with this straightforward Notion template.

📊 All-in-One Dashboard: Add your monthly sales, pending refunds, and current campaigns, so you can have everything in one snapshot.

📝 Refunds & Exchanges, Simplified: Track your returns and swaps. Keep it clean and easy to follow.

🗓 Weekly Reminders: Inventory checks don't come naturally, I know. A simple list can do wonders for your productivity.

🎯 Campaign Calendar: Plan ahead for big sale days and jot down marketing notes. A calendar made for your needs.

✍️ Feedback & Milestones: A dedicated space for customer insights and your personal achievements.

🔍 Quick-Access Resources: Your suppliers and tools, all in one spot. No more endless searching.

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