Digital Products manager

The Digital Products Store Notion Template consists of several key sections to help you effectively manage your digital product store
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1. Sales Dashboard 🔺

This is your main hub for tracking sales. You'll find a comprehensive overview of your sales data, including monthly and daily progress charts.

2. Products Manager 📦

Use the Products Manager database to list and categorize your digital products. Each product can be labeled to help with organization and tracking.

3. Sales and Revenue Tracking 💰

Record your sales data daily. You can also label each sale by product, making it easy to analyze which products perform best.

4. Product idea 💡

Easily set your product ideas, the pop up every time you, so you can keep track of them and review them later to start actually building them.

5. Goals and Achievements 🎯

Set monthly sales goals and keep track of your progress. This section is designed to help you achieve your sales targets and celebrate your successes.

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