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Hello, fellow academic! Stop missing out on the full potential of academic conferences! Organize your conference travel, schedule, notes, ideas, contacts, expenses, and much more in one place, and elevate your conference experience. Get your personal conference manager now!
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Hello, fellow academic! Are you missing out on the full potential of academic conferences? Do you want to elevate your conference experience and maximize every opportunity?

Academic conferences are inspiring events: You learn new things, meet new and interesting people, and have tons of research ideas.

But then?

You return home and find your notes scattered across different places and your brilliant ideas forgotten. You somehow lost the contact information of the new people you met. And reimbursement at your institution becomes a dreadful process because you need to sort through endless files and emails to find the corresponding documents.

Does that sound familiar?

Then I have the perfect solution for you: The Conference Travel and Management Hub for Academics! Organize your conference travel, notes, ideas, contacts, expenses, and much more, all in one place!

The template contains:

- An interface for the conference and travel details, details for your presentation, etc.: Easily access and organize all critical information in one place, saving time and reducing stress.

- To-Do list and packing list: Never miss a deadline or forget an important task or item.

- Conference schedule: Quickly access the schedule and create a personalized one, maximizing your time at the conference and ensuring you don't miss any important sessions or opportunities.

- Networking: Plan your networking activities and store new contacts in a centralized contacts database to build valuable connections and collaborations.

- Notes and Ideas database: Quickly jot down important information and ideas to access them later, ensuring you capture all valuable insights in one place.

- Expense tracker: Track your expenses and store relevant documents for seamless reimbursement, making the process easier and faster.

- Resources section: Store all resources (map of the location, places to visit, abstract book, etc.) in one place for instant access, helping you stay organized and quickly find what you need during the conference.

- Pictures collection: Collect your best pictures from the conference to maintain some beautiful event memories and share them with colleagues and peers!

- Conference wishlist: Is there any conference you would like to attend someday? Store conferences you want to attend in the future to plan and prioritize your conference attendance.

Ready to level up your conference game and maximize your conference experience?

Get your personal Conference Travel and Management Hub now!

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