Creative Agency Hub (Complete Pack)

Streamline your agency, with The ULTIMATE all-in-one system for client-based businesses >>>>
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I tried a lot of different agency tools, I've used Wrike, Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Monday, like literally, I can't even count all the ones I've used over the years

And I've always found out that across the team, that we had or always have different needs and we were always trying to fit or force our workflow into feature sets that exists or did not exist in these other tools.

But with this battle tested setup in Notion, i could Manage client projects, develop my pipeline, track invoices, flesh out a whole months strategy and focus on delivering results at scale; all in one setup.

 What’s inside?
🌐 Company Wiki / SOP Library.
📞 CRM (Client Relation Manager).
📝 Proposal Creator.
🌀 Client Projects and Portals.
💼 Recruitment Dashboard.
💁🏼‍♂️ Personal Dashboards.
🔍 Management View & Performance Reviews.
🚀 Planning Dashboard.
🎯 OKR dashboard (Objectives & Key Results).
💷 Sales Targets.
✅ Project & Task Manager.
👥 Meeting Notes Template.
🎥 Content Dashboard.
And more...

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