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This Notion template is your go-to for keeping track of everyone's digits in the office. Whether you need to dial up a colleague's desk phone or shoot them a quick email, this template makes it a breeze.
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In my company, we used to send a PDF to each other with every update. It was a hassle to receive an email stating that someone was missing or that the phone number was incorrect. With this template, these issues have been resolved, and it is always available.

What you'll find:
- Name: The who's who of your company. Drop in everyone's name so you can put a face to the phone number.
- Department: Where they fit in the grand scheme of things. Handy for knowing who's who in each team.
- Email: Their digital mailbox. Send messages with a click of a button.
- Desk Extension: Dial them up directly at their desk. No need to go through the receptionist!
- Desk Phone: The good old landline. Perfect for those times when you need to get a hold of someone ASAP.
- Mobile Extension: Reach them on the go. Because work doesn't always happen at the desk.
- Mobile Phone: Their personal hotline. Great for emergencies or quick chats when they're out of the office.

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