Your team in-a-box with Notion: 9 all-in-one team setups

Dive into Notion's unique collection designed to turbocharge every team's workflow. Whether it's marketing, product, design, or engineering, we've carefully crafted an all-in-one solution to show you how Notion can work for all of your teams' processes. Each template in this collection brings together all the essentials that a specific team would need, creating a unified, intuitive, and seamless work experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of setting things up from scratch and kickstart your team's productivity with Notion’s “in-a-box” templates.

1Engineering Team in-a-Box

Take control of your engineering projects with the Engineering Team in-a-Box template. This all-inclusive template harmonizes your roadmap planning, task management, and sprint boards, among other crucial processes. It takes the guesswork out of locating resources by consolidating them all under one digital roof.

This template encourages a collaborative work atmosphere, ensuring everyone is always on the same page and promoting clear communication. From tracking bugs to managing releases, this comprehensive tool sets your engineering team up for seamless operation and successful outcomes.

A template preview for Engineering Team in-a-Box

2Product Team in-a-Box

The Product Team in-a-Box template is your go-to tool for efficient product development. It's like having a virtual command center that organizes everything from roadmaps to feature requests, all in one place. By centralizing your resources, it minimizes the need to switch between platforms, saving your team valuable time and enhancing workflow.

The template encourages a collaborative environment where everyone stays updated and engaged, fostering better communication and quicker decision-making. From tracking key objectives to managing product launches, this template equips your product team with everything it needs for streamlined, collaborative, and effective work.

A template preview for Product Team in-a-Box

3Design Team in-a-Box

Our Design Team in-a-Box template provides a centralized solution for managing all aspects of your design projects. It offers a structure for building out a transparent roadmap, allowing everyone on the team to see the big picture and understand their part in it. With integrated tools for running efficient sprints and conducting user research, you'll have all you need to iterate quickly and create user-centered designs.

It even includes a repository for all your design resources, eliminating the need for endless searching and encouraging consistency across projects. Embrace a smoother, more collaborative way of working with this comprehensive design management tool.

A template preview for Design Team in-a-Box

4Marketing Team in-a-Box

Make your marketing processes smoother and more efficient with the Marketing Team in-a-Box template. This all-in-one platform combines all the vital elements of your marketing plan, from content and editorial calendars to product launch tracking, making it easier than ever to coordinate your team's efforts.

It eliminates the need for numerous platforms by housing all your resources, including brand assets and media lists, in one central location. By keeping your entire team in the loop and encouraging collaborative planning, this template makes managing your marketing operations simpler and more effective.

A template preview for Marketing Team in-a-Box

5HR Team in-a-Box

This HR Team in-a-Box template is your ultimate companion for efficient and effective human resource management. It helps in simplifying your people operations by acting as a central hub for all HR-related activities and resources. Whether it's maintaining employee databases, tracking performance evaluations, or planning team-building activities, everything is housed within this interactive template.

By keeping everyone on the same page, it fosters a spirit of transparency and collaboration among team members, while also saving time and reducing the clutter of disparate systems. Elevate your HR processes and focus more on people, less on paperwork with this one-stop HR solution.

A template preview for HR Team in-a-Box

6Operations Team in-a-Box

The Operations Team in-a-Box template is an essential tool for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. It provides a unified space for tracking key objectives, managing operations projects and tasks, and carrying out annual planning exercises.

With all your resources, including vendor management tools, consolidated in one place, it reduces the time and effort spent on navigating different platforms. By creating a collaborative environment where everyone is informed and involved, this template simplifies your operations management and ensures that your team can focus on what really matters - the smooth running of your business.

A template preview for Operations Team in-a-Box

7Recruiting Team in-a-Box

Optimize your recruitment efforts with the Recruiting Team in-a-Box template. This comprehensive tool brings together key aspects of the recruitment process such as tracking applicants, managing open roles, and coordinating recruiting tasks, in a single accessible space.

By centralizing all your recruitment resources, it helps eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple platforms and keeps everyone on the same page. With everything from creating a compelling careers page to crafting effective interview guides, this template helps streamline your recruitment process, encouraging a more efficient and collaborative team dynamic.

A template preview for Recruiting Team in-a-Box

8IT Team in-a-Box

The IT Team in-a-Box template simplifies the management of your IT operations. It provides a single, easy-to-use space where you can track project progress, manage resources, and assign tasks. This template reduces the time spent on administration, allowing your team to focus more on solving problems and driving innovation.

By keeping everyone up-to-date and involved, it supports teamwork and communication within your team. Whether you're handling incident reports, updating systems, or providing tech support, this template makes managing your IT operations straightforward and effective.

A template preview for IT Team in-a-Box

9Software Product Development in-a-Box

Combines the core elements of our Product, Design & Engineering Team in-a-box sets to cover the needs of a modern product development team.

It features templates for your product, design, engineering, product analytics and user research teams. Amongst others; a product roadmap, OKR tracker, Sprint board, Kanban board, experiments tracker, user research tracker, tech specs, bug tickets and more.

A template preview for Software Product Development in-a-Box

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