University life, sorted: Your Notion guide to academia

From course schedules to social activities, our template pack keeps your college life sorted. Manage your assignments, keep track of club meetings, and even plan your weekends—all in one place. Achieve academic and personal success by letting Notion organize your university experience.

1Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner

If you're a student who wants to use Notion to keep track of your student lifestyle, use this simplistic Student Planner to help manage your student workload and to help you have a matcha-better day!

This Notion Student Planner comes in two versions:
🌱 Green Anime theme
🍵 Matcha Study Vibe theme

This Notion Student Planner includes:
✍️ 6 unique course pages
📅 Habit Tracker
💰 Budget
💯 Assignments & Exams
📓 Notebook
🗓️ Schedule
🖊️ Study Sessions
☕️ Café Tracker
🤯 Brain dump
📚 Book Tracker

A template preview for Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner

2Student dashboard

From your courses to your calendar, personal projects to club meetings and event, use this template to stay organized, focused, and inspired to have a successful school year.

A template preview for Student dashboard

3Student Planner

This student planner is a one-page planner that helps you stay on top of your school life. On a single page, you can view your weekly class schedule, set goals for your semester, and keep a list of your to-dos and assignments. No more jumping between apps or pages; stay focused on your priorities.

A template preview for Student Planner

4Time Scheduler

Organise your Precious Free Time with our scheduler!

Use this free time scheduler to time block all your evenings and early mornings for what matters:

- Time with Family & Friends
- Hobbies
- Personal Projects

This template is easy to use and comes with help notes on how to adjust the time slots and categories to your unique needs.

The scheduler is automatically set up for those with a 9-5 or University work with a plug-and-play functionality for each weekday and weeknight.

A template preview for Time Scheduler

5Uni-Verse: The Student Template

✨ Personalized Dashboard: Launch your studies with style.

📅 Flexible Class Schedule: Stay organized, never miss a class.

🚀 Deadline Tracker: Prioritize assignments effortlessly.

📝 To-Do Lists: Manage tasks seamlessly.

🗓️ Interactive Calendar: Plan, set goals, track progress.

🎵 Focus Zone: Boost productivity with Spotify and Pomodoro.

📚 Class Pages: Structured notes for each course.

A template preview for Uni-Verse: The Student Template

6Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a model used to prioritize tasks and determine which ones are most important. It divides up time into four quadrants: urgent and important, not urgent but important, not urgent and unimportant, and urgent but not important. Use this free organizational tool to split up work into appropriate categories and allot time accordingly.

A template preview for Eisenhower Matrix

7Grade calculator

Strategize your quarter or semester by knowing how much every assignment, exam, and project is worth for your final grade. Always know how you're doing, and stay focused by recording your grades and figuring out where to invest your time. Our formulas in this template do it all for you.

A template preview for Grade calculator

8University Application

This template allows you track your university and scholarship applications so you won't miss any deadlines.

A template preview for University Application

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