Top User Profiles Templates for Product Analysts

Understanding user needs is fundamental for product analysts to tailor products that address real-world requirements effectively. A User Profiles template enables the streamlined collection, documentation, and analysis of user data, facilitating a more user-centric approach in product development. By having a well-structured template, analysts can save time and ensure consistency in user research, making the findings more actionable.

Before starting to create your own User Profiles template, it would be useful to explore the examples listed below to simplify the process.

1User Testing Plan + Script

A simple notion template to help you run smooth and effective usability testing sessions.

The pack also includes a script that you can use to guide your research sessions.

The template is perfect for designers or product managers that run their own product research.

A template preview for User Testing Plan + Script

2Star Persona

This template allows UX/UI Designers and Product Managers to easily create Personas representing the business target audience. A set of characteristics, such as demographics, goals, and frustrations are defined allowing internal teams to empathize with the end-user and make informed decisions to solve real user needs and pain points.

You can select either a simple or more detailed view of your persona depending on the level of detail that you want to provide. You can also customize the content to your own needs and link it to your projects.

Centralizing Persona within Notion helps to share this asset with the whole company, providing visibility, knowledge, and alignment for all teams.

A template preview for Star Persona

3Customer Profile

A customer profile is a detailed description of a business's ideal customer (or buyer persona). It incorporates various data points, from basic customer demographic information to more complex variables like buying patterns.

A template preview for Customer Profile

4User Research Findings

This Notion template will help you to effectively share your user research findings with the rest of your team or wider company. Fast to fill out for you, and easy to understand for them.

This short research summary template takes the pain out of synthesising your insights.

The template is perfect for designers or product managers that run their own product research.

A template preview for User Research Findings

5The Stakeholder Mapper

The Stakeholder Mapper allows you to analyse and map your stakeholders using two methods:
Mendelow's Matrix
Salience Types
Use this template to map your stakeholders quickly and efficiently.

A template preview for The Stakeholder Mapper

6Shadowing Template & Protocol

Shadowing is a research technique that involves a researcher closely following a member of an organization over an extended period of time. When the person being shadowed goes to another department, the researcher follows them. When they have a project meeting or meet with a customer, the researcher sits in. This is a template and protocol for the shadowing method.

A template preview for Shadowing Template & Protocol

7UX Portfolio Playbook

UX Portfolio Playbook guides candidates through any UX job application process, from job hunting, portfolio building, to interviews, and negotiating offers.

A template preview for UX Portfolio Playbook

8UX Research Board + Repository

Use a research board to keep track of all your (and your team’s) work. This template shows you an easy overview of all your projects, both open projects and finished projects. Thus at the same time helping you build a research repository in Notion.

A template preview for UX Research Board + Repository

9Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

This Ideal Customer Profile template is tailored to support founders in precisely defining their target audience. It provides a structured framework to identify key customer characteristics, behaviors, and preferences, helping founders shape a clear and detailed understanding of their ideal customers.

A template preview for Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)


It helps individuals or companies in product development quickly create a proto-persona. It offers written information about how to use the template and the benefits of creating one. This template also offers links to articles and resources for anyone who is a student or new to the field.

A template preview for Proto-personas

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