Top User Journey Templates for Product Strategists

Understanding User Journey is a strategic process for Product Strategists seeking to enhance product experience and meet customer expectations effectively. A User Journey template fosters structured planning and insight into the user’s experience, aiding strategists in identifying opportunities for enhancement and innovation within the product lifecycle. Before embarking on creating your own User Journey template, exploring these examples can simplify the process, ensuring a solid foundation for mapping out your strategy.

1AI User Persona Generator

User Persona Generator is designed to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners create detailed personas effortlessly. Simply input a brief description of your business idea and the target audience, and the Notion AI will generate a comprehensive persona for you, filling in each section (Problem, Pains, Goals, and so on) with relevant information extracted or inferred from your input. You can then customize each section as needed and download and share your persona with your team, stakeholders, or anyone else!

A template preview for AI User Persona Generator

2Advanced Service Blueprint

This Service Blueprint was created for the very nerdy service designers out there. It gives you pre-built automatic analysis of your template, pre-built blocs as inspirations and everything can be adapted πŸ’ͺ

The template automatically πŸ€– sorts the information you add in it to provide you with an analysis. In this analysis you can for example see:

What are the actions taken by every stakeholder or actor πŸ‘€
What metrics or user research elements validate the blueprint πŸ“Š
What questions and ideas need to be explored further in the next steps βœ…

Stakeholder database
One of the system that allows you to have an automated analysis of your service blueprint is the stakeholder database πŸ€“. With this database you can link actors and stakeholders actions from your blueprint to a same person.

This allows you then to get an overview of all the actions that this stakeholder takes in the service.

Tips and tricks included
New to Notion but feeling nerdy? Cool, I've added a few tips and tricks in the documentation that should help you. I cover there stuff like:

The possibility to have a focus view πŸ‘ of your service blueprint
How to use color coding 🎨 for the different stages of your blueprint
Where to get lovely illustrations ✏️ to pimp your blueprint

A template preview for Advanced Service Blueprint

3Critical thinking in UX

Unlock the power of critical thinking with my comprehensive Notion template designed specifically for the dynamic world of UX design. This meticulously crafted template serves as a roadmap to guide you through each stage of the design process, seamlessly integrating critical thinking principles.

Navigate through well-defined sections that prompt thoughtful analysis and decision-making. From problem identification to solution implementation, the template encourages a systematic approach, fostering a deeper understanding of user needs and challenges.

A template preview for Critical thinking in UX

4Usability testing template

This template is created to help with your usability testing sessions the template includes:

Testing flows & scenarios for each participant
Participant's database
Participant's sessions timeline

I've created this template for a personal project and it helped me a lot, i hope it will help you the same way

A template preview for Usability testing template

5User Persona Template

This Notion template is designed to help businesses identify their user personas by guiding them through the process of defining their target audience's characteristics, such as demographics, goals, pain points, and behaviors. It provides a structured framework that enables businesses to create accurate and detailed user personas, which can inform their product development, marketing, and customer service strategies.

A template preview for User Persona Template

6Stakeholder Walkthrough Template

A stakeholder walkthrough brings end-users, the product team, and other stakeholders together to evaluate early prototypes, providing actionable recommendations for improvements and building empathy. Early prototypes can range from flowcharts, and paper prototypes to interactive wireframes.

A template preview for Stakeholder Walkthrough Template

7User Journey/Experience Map Template

A user experience map isΒ a method of visualizing the entire end-to-end user experience that an average user will go through in order to accomplish a goal. It's product and service-agnostic, so it's used for understanding general human behavior in a larger context.

A template preview for User Journey/Experience Map Template

8Customer journey mapping

Customer journey maps are an essential piece of any marketing or product strategy, but trying to fit all the subtle (and critical) details into a 5x5 grid just isn't viable.

This template lets you leverage Notion's infinite canvas to map richly detailed customer journeys that convert.

You can use it to help you or your team map out:

- Key user journey stages
- Target personas
- Goals & pain points
- Actions & endpoints
- Use cases, touch points
- Key projects & campaigns
- Surveys, targets, KPIs and more.

A template preview for Customer journey mapping

9User Persona Dashboard & Profile Template

Seamlessly capture user research, visualize your typical customer, and craft impactful products that leave a lasting impression. Experience the joy of bringing your ideas to life and creating real impact with this user-friendly and enjoyable template. This template helps UX / Product designers who need to create user personas quickly and efficiently, Product managers who want to better understand their target audience, CEOs / Entrepreneurs who need to identify their ideal customer and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

A template preview for User Persona Dashboard & Profile Template

10Advanced and Minimal Expandable Service Blueprint

Service Blueprints can be overwhelming. This template helps the viewer choose which type of information he wants to focus on by having to choose to open or close different "toggles"

Comes in two flavors 🍦🍧
This expandable service blueprint template comes in two complexity levels. Start with the minimal template or get crazy with the advanced one.

For example, the viewer can focus on the executive summary by showing it, and hide all other information in order to not be overwhelmed by all the details of the Service Blueprint.

A template preview for Advanced and Minimal Expandable Service Blueprint

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