Top Product Launch Plan Templates for Product Strategists

Product Launch Plans are foundational for strategists, offering a roadmap to navigate the complex process of bringing a new product to market. These templates provide structure, ensuring vital components such as market analysis, marketing strategies, and launch timelines are meticulously organized and accessible. Before diving into crafting your own Product Launch Plan, exploring these Notion templates can streamline the process, saving time and fostering efficiency.

1Business plan - Quick start

The template covers various areas of starting a business like vision, team, finances etc.

A template preview for Business plan - Quick start

2Notion’s projects

At Notion, we use this database to track all product and engineering work. For every project, we include a few key pieces of info to help teams like Legal, Sales, and Marketing understand what’s shipping and why. Customized properties allow us to track status, project descriptions, and launch dates side by side.

Inside each project page, we embed a filtered view of the tasks related to that project, as well as Github and Figma link previews. That way, all our work is truly in one place.

This template is part of a larger — read more about how we use it in .

A template preview for Notion’s projects

3Producthunt Launch Checklist

Easy overview of the entire launch process from start to finish.

Get the ability to plan better launches and increase revenue

Make your next launch your best launch

A template preview for Producthunt Launch Checklist

4Project Launch Plan

Launching a new project requires precise planning, and our Project Launch Plan template is built to assist with just that. This template helps you set the context for your launch by capturing a high-level summary, launch date, goals, and team information, with an added provision to link to other Notion pages about your product.

It features a structured approach to execution, with clickable database tabs to manage launch deliverables. Moreover, it includes a pre-launch checklist and a launch day run of show to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. After the launch, you can use the Post Mortem section to analyze your project's success. This all-in-one template is a handy tool to plan, execute, and review your project launch effectively.

A template preview for Project Launch Plan

5Product Launch Brief

Use this template to plan and execute every part of your launch with your team, in one, centralized page.

A template preview for Product Launch Brief


Perfect for solopreneurs and indie-hackers who have hundreds of ideas but don't know which one to build next.

Automatically assign priority to your ideas by entering scores for factors that contribute to the success of an idea.

The template includes complete instructions and analysis on how your ideas are scored.

A template preview for RateMyIdeas

7Developer Portal Product Plan

This is a template that you can use to build a plan to create and launch your developer portal! 🚢
The template includes the following views:
1 - “User stories”: a table of “user stories” to implement in the developer portal with their sprint, dates, status, impact, and owner
2 - “Workplan”: a timeline which you can use to track and manage the project

A template preview for Developer Portal Product Plan

8AI Product Name Inspiration

Naming is one of the hardest parts of building anything. Get some inspiration from AI.

Provide some words for inspiration and a brief description of what your product does, and we’ll give you some suggestions. The name of your project just might be hiding in that list.

A template preview for AI Product Name Inspiration

9AI Launch Checklist (w/ Notion AI)

AI Launch Checklist utilizes Notion AI to help you better brainstorm, understand manage, strategize your products and launch it successfully

A template preview for AI Launch Checklist (w/ Notion AI)

10Product Launch Announcement (w/ Notion AI)

You’ve done the hard work of actually building the product, now you just need to launch it. Start with Notion AI.

Writing a perfect launch announcement can help make sure your product launches with users and goes a long way toward making a successful product. Just paste in your product spec to your doc and let Notion AI take a first pass.

A template preview for Product Launch Announcement (w/ Notion AI)

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