Top 9 Personal Goals Templates in Notion

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Having personal goals is crucial in life as they help tap into your untapped potential and achieve happiness and satisfaction. A personal goals template can assist in this process by providing a structured approach to setting, tracking, and reviewing your goals.

Creating great personal goals involves considering numerous variables to ensure they are effective and aligned with your vision. A well-crafted goal should possess certain attributes to maximize its potential.

1. 2024 Yearly Goal Tracker

A template preview for 2024 Yearly Goal Tracker

Having a solid plan of action is crucial when trying to achieve your goals. With Notion, you can organize your yearly goals into quarterly and daily tasks. If you struggle to make your personal resolutions stick try using the included habit tracker database. Use this template to help you organize all your goals and keep them top of mind.

2. Life Planner • Time Blocking, Journal, Goals

A template preview for Life Planner • Time Blocking, Journal, Goals

An all-in-one planner that assists you in planning your day using a time-blocking template and establishing your priorities on a weekly and monthly basis. The Goals section enables you to list your short-term and long-term goals, and includes a vision board page. Additionally, the Journal section allows you to write your daily journals (with prompts!) and travel journals.

3. Personal home

A template preview for Personal home

Just like a wiki can help you keep all the important information in your company somewhere central and accessible, a personal wiki can give you a helpful knowledge base for your life!

4. PARA Dashboard

A template preview for PARA Dashboard

Tiago Forte's "Building a Second Brain" course and book has taught hundreds of thousands of people a simple, yet robust method for organizing all of the information that comes into their lives. Core to his method is PARA – a system for organizing information into Projects, Areas, Resources, and an Archive. This template brings the power of the PARA method to Notion.

5. Uni-Verse: The Student Template

A template preview for Uni-Verse: The Student Template

✨ Personalized Dashboard: Launch your studies with style. 📅 Flexible Class Schedule: Stay organized, never miss a class. 🚀 Deadline Tracker: Prioritize assignments effortlessly. 📝 To-Do Lists: Manage tasks seamlessly. 🗓️ Interactive Calendar: Plan, set goals, track progress. 🎵 Focus Zone: Boost productivity with Spotify and Pomodoro. 📚 Class Pages: Structured notes for each course.

6. Cotton Candy Clouds Weekly Planner

A template preview for Cotton Candy Clouds Weekly Planner

You will benefit from this template if: - You want a template that is easy to jot down your to-do’s - Write down weekly reflections - Focus on your weekly goals - List down any ideas that just pops up!

7. Notion Project Management

A template preview for Notion Project Management

you can easily create project timelines, assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and manage your meetings - all in one place. Whether you're managing a small team or a large enterprise, this template will keep you organized and on track.

8. Eisenhower Matrix

A template preview for Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a model used to prioritize tasks and determine which ones are most important. It divides up time into four quadrants: urgent and important, not urgent but important, not urgent and unimportant, and urgent but not important. Use this free organizational tool to split up work into appropriate categories and allot time accordingly.

9. Workouts planner

A template preview for Workouts planner

It helps individuals lead a healthier life through better organization and tracking of their exercise workouts. By creating training programs, assigning them to specific dates for completion, and keeping track of progress, individuals can stay motivated to achieve their health goals. At the same time, it provides key statistics to see their consistency and progress.

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